Terms of Service

These Terms of Use (also "Terms", "User Agreement", "Agreement") they contain information on the rights, opportunities, obligations and prohibitions for both clients and employees of BITFOREX FINANCE (btforex.finace). The terms apply to all pages of the company’s website, as well as to the child pages of the main domain.
By using the BITFOREX FINANCE website, you accept this agreement and these Terms of Use and agree to be responsible for the actions performed on the website under the terms set out below.
If you do not agree to these Terms, you must stop using the website.
The BITFOREX FINANCE service, as well as all the materials on the site, are intended for people aged 18 and over. If you do not meet these requirements, you must stop using the service.

Intellectual property of BITFOREX FINANCE

All the content of BITFOREX FINANCE, as well as the content of the child domain, belongs to the company. Customers may not use this content without obtaining permission from BITFOREX FINANCE officials.
In particular, it is strictly prohibited to use any content of the website for commercial purposes. It may use this content only for non-commercial purposes and in how are allowed by the rules.

Client Restrictions BITFOREX FINANCE

The client of the BITFOREX FINANCE website is strictly prohibited:
1. Use the resources or materials posted on the site for their intended purpose.
2. Directly or indirectly interact with the website in ways that cause or may cause harm to the Service or other users.
3. Use the service to circumvent or violate the law, as well as for other illegal actions that may lead to prosecution.
4. Attempt to get the data of other users or the company, as well as any other data that is confidential.

Any information and content that is not publicly published by the company or other users is confidential. Attempts to get, use, steal, sell, transfer, hack or decrypt any confidential information will be considered a direct violation of this agreement. A violation of this agreement may, in certain cases, trigger legal proceedings.

Risk notifications

It is assumed that users of the service understand the risks of various forms of high-frequency margin trading, but we urge you to understand that investing in this platform involves no level of risk, we assure you great returns of stable interest daily.

Limitation of liability

BITFOREX FINANCE and any of its representatives, employees or intermediaries are not responsible for the results of the Client’s interaction with the service or any of the company’s services. You agree that all information, communications, and materials you find on this site should be treated as informational, educational, and an investment advice.


In the event of your violation of any of these Terms, BITFOREX FINANCE is fully exempt from any liability for compensation, financial and labor costs, claims, claims, losses, performance of obligations of any kind, including those set out in this and other company documents.

Consent to communication

By using the BITFOREX FINANCE service, you agree to receive informational emails to your email address, this method of communication is used to inform you about important updates, advertising and marketing.

Terms and Conditions and Legislation

In the event that one or more clauses of this agreement conflict with each other under the law, this agreement remains in force, except for those clauses whose legality is in question. Even if several points of the Terms of Use contradict the law, the remaining provisions of the agreement remain in force.

Changes to the Terms of Use

BITFOREX FINANCE reserves the right to change, supplement or delete paragraphs of this agreement unilaterally and with no special notice to customers. The changes take effect from the moment the new version of the document is published on the company’s website.

Third-party participation

This agreement is concluded entirely under the law under which the owners of BITFOREX FINANCE are located. Interaction with BITFOREX FINANCE and this agreement are also subject only to the law of this jurisdiction.